Thank you for your purchase. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you. Please keep in mind that if you purchased a vintage watch, such a watch could be 50 to 100 years old.


With the pride of owning a piece of history also please understand that things can go wrong. We will do anything we can to fix whatever problem or dissatisfaction you might have.


At the same time, please expect the performance of a vintage watch not to be equivalent to the performance of a modern watch. All the pieces making this watch, minus the crystal and possibly the band/strap, are original and possibly had a lot of wear and tear during the usage. However, you may find that the watch you purchased might equal or exceed the performance of a modern watch. Your experience may vary.


Should you have an issue with your watch either purchased or serviced by us, please know that we personally offer you a 90-day warranty from the date you receive the watch, in order to use the warranty, you can open a warranty claim here. Then, once approved, mail us the watch to the address provided to you, with a description of the problem you are experiencing, and a prepaid envelope/box with protective materials for return shipping. Please note that shipping is not included in the warranty.


Please also keep in mind that the warranty is voided should any of the following be noted:

  • Improper operation
  • In case of a vintage watch, immersing/swimming/diving is not covered as vintage watches are not water resistant
  • Abuse in a way that causes the failure
  • Opening the watch for whatever reason, should you require regulation within the 90-day period feel free to use the warranty and ship it back to me as described above

Should you require servicing the watch after the warranty expires, feel free to contact us, and we will offer you service at a very competitive price.




Preciso24 staff