This page contains my watch collection, which is primarily composed of watches I actually love and wear. You will find mostly mechanical watches with the exception of solar quartz and 1 traditional quartz. The collection has evolved during its lifetime. Each watch has a dedicated page describing it. While the watches are generally not for sale, always inquire as my taste evolves and I do let watches go from time to time.

Why did I start collecting and flipping watches? When I was younger, I’ve always had a passion for horology. In my teens, I used to replace batteries for family and friends, I’ve always found horology to be a attractive activity. After many, many years, my passion woke up again, and pretty much decided to start collecting affordable/wearable watches instead of expensive luxury pieces that you don’t wear due to the concern of damaging them.

Why collecting mostly mechanical pieces? Well, the answer is quite simple, in a world powered by batteries, I find fascinating that a watch only needs the care of the owner to keep running, either by winding it, or wearing it. Plus I consider smart watches unappealing becauseĀ  of the fact that you mostly have to charge them daily. Let’s also say that smart watches are quite rude, often disrupting conversation and find them distracting when focus is needed to accomplish a task.

But enough, following you will find my collection:

Link to my collection on Google Drive