Thank you for visiting, we are everything about mechanical watches. Here you can find information about the services we provide and the market, where you could find your next timepiece.

We are located in the greater Columbia, SC area and can also provide local services. Please contact us for details.

Our motto is: “SERVICE YOUR WATCH WITHOUT GAMES!”. Unlike other businesses, we do not play games, we give an honest and reasonable estimates. We do not hold your watch hostage, and we offer warranty for all our work!

All timepieces on this site are personally serviced and verified by our professional Watchmaker. All purchases are backed by a 90-day limited warranty.

You may ask yourself, why today I should ware a mechanical watch? Our answer is simple, in a world power by batteries, it’s nice to have something that is both not dependent on batteries, and ecological, not producing any waste. Plus think for a minute, a mechanical watch, properly cared for, will last you as long as you want. It is common to have 50, 100 year, or even older watches operating perfectly. When can you achieve the same with an electronic watch? Never…

Also, a mechanical watch as a gift is one of the most enduring things you can give to someone. Every time that they look at it ot wear it, they will remember you.

Owning a mechanical timepiece allows you to establish a relationship with your watch, it becomes a personal connection that you and your watch have.

The last thing, it is wonderful to know that what you are wearing on your wrist is completely powered by you by either winding it or self-winding with your movements.

We are proud that today we can serve our watch community to help preserve watches and keep them running for decades.